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CNC machinery service

Acting on the philosophy of partnership relations with the Customer, our introduction of the sold machines into production is followed by the post-sales care period, offering the full support of our extensive service division.

Metal Team service employs high-class professionals who, with their many years of experience backed by the modern technical facilities, provide for our machines numerous servicing works in the field of mechanics, power engineering, electronics, pneumatics and hydraulics.

In response to the breadth of our Customers’ needs, our service offer covers:

  • machine tool installations
  • inspections
  • warranty and post-warranty repairs
  • additional accessories and equipment for machine tools
  • delivery of spare parts
  • programming advisory

Thanks to our on-going cooperation with specialist companies dealing with the repair and manufacturing of spare parts, as well as the systematic training of our service staff, we can provide a reassuring warranty for our services. We manage full logs and maintenance records for each machine sold by us, which enables verifying previous faults and quickly troubleshooting the issue. The responsiveness of our service division and its close cooperation with the Customer guarantee reliable operation of equipment and quick rectification of any failures at any location nationwide.

Entrusting the care over their machinery park to Metal Team service, our Customers can rest assured that their equipment is looked after by true professionals, and that any failures are eliminated in shortest time possible. We never leave a Customer alone with a problem at hand, and we will go to any length to reduce machinery breakdowns to minimum.



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